Why join JC Dance?

Why join JC Dance?

Why join us?!

At a guess across the Fylde Coast there are over 40 dance schools, so there is lots and lots of choice for parents. Some are huge and some are tiny  and we are not all the same. I’ve found from beginning activities with my own daughter that you don’t really fully know how an organisation operates until you are in it – so if you are looking for a dance class hopefully the information below will give you a bit more insight into who we are, what we do and how we do it!

Who we are:

We are very well qualified and experienced teachers – read about myself, Joanna and my lovely teacher Clare HERE. We are polite, encourage kindness and truly care about our pupils and families. We welcome everyone and treat everyone equally.

We use several venues; community halls and studios in and around Poulton-le-Fylde and also in Weeton, so are not based in just one postcode. We offer over 30 classes a week and our classes all take place on weekdays. We operate term time only and fees are payable in half term blocks. Newcomers are welcome to join for a 3 week trial initially. During some school holidays we often run workshops or clubs.

What we do

Pre school classes

Our classes for children under school age are all daytime weekdays and we offer 4 different types of class; Baby Steps (18mth-2.5yrs), Little Steps Dance (2.5yrs+), Pre School Combo (Ballet, Modern and Tap) and Parent and Child Yoga (2-4yrs)

After school classes

Ballet, Tap, Modern, Limbering, Pointe Work, Acro.

We don’t stipulate that children must attend multiple classes (the exception to this is Acro, once a child progresses into Acro 2, they must also attend at least one dance class a week) although if it possible to attend more than one genre it does greatly benefit the dancer and anyone wanting to pursue dance more seriously should be attending multiple classes.

Adult Classes

We usually offer Ballet, Tap and Modern for adults. Our timetable for adults is still limited due to covid but we hope it will build back.

Exams & Shows

We offer exams with the (RAD) Royal Academy of Dance and ISTD (Imperial Society of Dance) when pupils are ready and when that aligns with when the sessions can run. Usually there are exam sessions each year, on average pupils take an exam every two years.

We generally focus on one thing at a time. Exam work, or show work. Not both, not at the same time. For shows and exams most of the work is learnt in regular class time there will also be some extra rehearsals (usually at a weekend), they are not excessive and they are in planned in advance.

Usually we produce an annual show each November using the theatre at Blackpool Sixth Form College,– covid has altered our rhythm but we hope to get back on track. We also take part in Poulton Gala and the HITS at Blackpool Opera House as well as doing fun thing throughout the year such as Christmas Jumper Week etc!

I hope the above information helps you understand a little more about us and if you would like to enquire about classes for yourself of your child  please drop me an email, info@jcdance.co.uk. 

“My daughter is shy in nature but really enjoys her dance classes. She’s been attending since she was 3 and now at nearly 10 she enjoys them just as much as ever. Joanna has always been patient, reassuring and understanding when my daughters had her worries and think that’s why she enjoys her classes so much.”

“My little girl has been attending JC Dance since the age of 2, she has developed so many skills and now enjoys ballet and modern classes. Joanna and her team are fantastic, they are kind and caring and have done a fantastic job despite covid restrictions over the last 19 months. I would highly recommend this Dance School.”