PBT training for Joanna and Sarah

PBT training for Joanna and Sarah

Last Sunday myself and Sarah attended a course, “Progressing Ballet Technique” and we LOVED it!!

As RAD teachers we have to, as terms of our membership complete a set number of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours per year, and send a declaration to the RAD in order to keep our membership. I personally really like this as it makes sure that the teaching members of the RAD are current, adaptable and continually learning – which can only be a benefit to you, our pupils and our pupils’ parents.

I like learning new things, coming home exhilarated and energised and last Sunday was no exception… We heard all about the history of PBT, ways to utilise the syllabi, and learned 3 whole levels of training. The third level, for advanced (vocational / college level ballet) students was…

H A R D!!

Myself and Sarah are both really excited about integrating the PBT work into classes… keep your eyes peeled on our social media and website for more info on how that will happen!

Feeling energised,

Joanna 🙂