Our last class before Lockdown #2

Our last class before Lockdown #2

And what a bittersweet class… for 3 of the 4 girls above, our last class before lockdown was the reward of years of ballet lessons, continued progression and hard work as they were finally given the go ahead to go and get fitted for POINTE SHOES over half term, joining their class mate “en pointe”.

Yesterday was their first lesson in their brand new shoes, and sadly, theirs and our last class for what we really hope is “just” 4 weeks.

We’ve had some incredibly kind and thoughtful messages of support recognising the safeness of our classes and the effort behind that and the sadness from yourselves and children at missing dance AGAIN which we thoroughly appreciate.

Keep practicing at home and see you SOON!

“Can I just say how disappointing and wrong I feel closing dancing classes are when you have clearly made every effort to make everything safe. You guys do a great job and we will definitely be back when things reopen. “