Nursery Dance – our class for children aged 2.5yrs+!

Nursery Dance – our class for children aged 2.5yrs+!

Our “Nursery Dance” classes for 2.5yrs are some of our favourite and most rewarding classes to teach and provide a safe, encouraging, fun and rewarding environment for your little one taking their first independent dance steps. But what can you expect your child to gain from attending?

1. Children will develop and extend a range of gross motor skills; including galloping, jumping, running, marching, hopping, balancing and spacial awareness.

2. Children will develop and extend their fine motor skills with the use of a wide range of hand held props

3. Self confidence; Some children rush into their very first class without a second glance to Mummy or Daddy and that is fantastic! However, for others it may take a few weeks to move from observing the class with Mummy or Daddy, to joining in tentatively with the reassurance that Mummy or Daddy are still in the room to finally having the confidence to be able to independently join in whilst Mummy or Daddy waits outside.

4. Children will learn how to behave in a class situation; for example, sharing, waiting turns, listening to and following instructions whilst making new friendship and enjoying social interaction.

And of course, …

5. The classes promote a child’s enjoyment of music and dance!  Our classes are age appropriate dance classes which will foster and encourage that natural enjoyment of dance and we just love to hear stories of our pupils talking about dance or demonstrating what they have learnt though their play at home.

Sept 2021 school starters are able to move up to our Pre School Combo class from January 2021.

Class Timetable

At Weeton Village Hall

Monday 9.30 – 10.00

Monday 10.15 – 10.45

Friday 10.15 – 10.45


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