FAQ – Adult Classes

FAQ – Adult Classes

What classes do you offer for adults?

Our  Improvers Adult Ballet and Improvers Adult Tap classes both run as regular weekly classes. We also run other short courses through the year for Adult Modern, Beginners Adult Ballet and Beginners Adult Tap.

When are they?

Wednesday 6.00 – 7.00pm Improvers Adult Ballet

Wednesday 7.00 – 8.00pm Improvers Adult Tap

Where are they?

The classes are held in the Holland Studio at Blackpool Sixth Form College. To access the studio, drive in through the main college entrance and continue straight, past the two car parks at the front and around to the rear of the main set of buildings. Park there. There is a black fence with a gate, go through the gate and walk down and to the left, the studio is the low building in front and the door is straight ahead.

What should I wear?

Anything you are comfortable in. Most people wear leggings or joggers with t shirts / vests. For ballet, socks or bare feet are fine to start with and full or split sole ballet shoes with elastics are great for after. For Tap any kind of Tap shoe with heel and toe taps are fine.

Am I too old?

Our Adult classes are for anyone 16yrs+ and we often have a variety of ages. No age is too old!

I’m not very flexible or fit, will I be ok?

Yes – however you may ache a little at the beginning if your body has not been used to dance. As with anything, with practice and time you will find things easier and will notice improvements in both stamina and flexibility.

I’m a Beginner! 

We often have beginners classes or courses too in both Ballet and Tap so please get in touch to see if anything is currently planned or running.

How do I pay?

60 minute classes are £7 and fees are usually paid in half term blocks. However, we offer a 3 week trial to newcomers(weeks must be consecutive) so you can experience the class before committing to a half term.

Do I need to book?

Yes please. Please send an email  to Joanna (info@jcdance.co.uk) so that we can book you in and so that our teacher knows to expect you.  You will emailed a registration from and other information about our school prior to your first lesson.