FAQ – Acro Classes!

FAQ – Acro Classes!

“Acro is the beautiful fusion of traditional dance and acrobatic movement”

When can my child start Acro?

From the age of 4.

When are the classes?

Tuesday afternoons in the dance studio at Scream (11 Wareham Road, Blackpool, FY3 7XG )

Acro 2 4.00 – 4.45pm (approx 8yrs+)

Acro 1 4.55 – 5.40pm (4 – approx 8yrs+)

Newstarters will often be asked to try the Acro 1 class initially so that Clare can informally asses and make sure that is the most appropriate class for them. Children starting the class with a significant dance background or prior  Acro or gymnastics experience may be recommended to start in Acro 2. The focus in our Acro classes is on personal ability and development and within each class there is a lot of differentiation  for the skills and students are encouraged to recognise and work at the most appropriate level for their ability.

How much?

Each class is £5.50. As with all our classes, newstarters can join on a 3 week trial initially,  following that all classes are payable half termly upon invoice.

Is there a uniform?

Yes, however when your child starts they are absolutely fine in their own shorts with a leotard / t shirt. When settled the uniform for Acro 1 and 2 is a pink and silver leotard with pink shorts. All uniform can be ordered here.

Please note…

Whilst it isn’t compulsory for students in Acro 1, once children progress into Acro 2  the class need to be taken in addition to a Modern  class.  Our Acro classes focus predominantly on acro skills and tricks however the dance technique and movement vocabulary which is needed for choreography within a dance is learnt in Modern, Here is a great example of Acro skills used within choreography.


To book your child’s 3 week trial in one of our Acro classes please email Joanna; info@jcdance.co.uk