The first 15 years…

The first 15 years…

As the new term approaches it marks a significant milestone in JC Dance history…JC Dance has been established 15 years!

JC Dance started in Sept 2004. At the time, having graduated from Dance college I was freelance teaching at a brilliant dance school in Lancaster and locally at a theatre school whilst also starting my second year of my degree which was a BA hons in Dance Education.

I had no intention of starting a dance school; I was teaching an adult tap class at the school in Lancaster and simply thought I should set one up in Poulton as it would be nice and convenient for me!

The first two classes were a “Pop” class for teenagers and a Beginners Adult Tap class. The venue I chose was literally across the road from my home and I would wander across with my stereo and bag 😊

After graduating and with more time on my hands, but still adamantly not wanting a dance school (I’d been toying with the idea of doing a PGCE after my degree for primary teaching) I approached some local primary schools and set up after school dance clubs. These went along fine until one afternoon a little girl told me she would be leaving to go to a “proper” dance class…

This was quite a turning point. I was a “proper” dance teacher!! I re evaluated and then started to add syllabus classes to the timetable, introduced uniform and generally refocused into creating and growing a dance school, this was September 2007.

Over the years there has, naturally, been a lot of change and lots of lessons learnt too, but I am SO glad that little girl gave me that news because I am super duper proud of what JC Dance has become so far, of all the pupils past and present and the brilliant experiences and memories that JC Dance has provided and will continue to provide!

It takes a long time to grow a school and so for a long time it felt very lopsided towards the younger students but we are now  in a place where we have such lovely, committed and loyal older girls who have been with us /me for approaching or over 10 years who we are seeing progress into the higher grades and set an example to younger children…it’s lovely.


A heartfelt thank you to everyone for all your support, past and present!

Here’s to show term and the 15th annual show!!


Joanna x